T H E . L O N D O N . L O O K

If anyone is not familiar with the Sartorialist, get familiar ASAP. Fashion photographer Scott Schuman, THE Sartorialist, documents epic street style in major cities across the globe. His first book - a compilation of some of his favorite shots - debuted in 2009. Check it out here:

This picture is one he shot in December 2009 in London. Coincidence that I love this look and I'm spending six weeks in London this summer ... I think not. I love the menswear inspiration seen here. Blazers are all the rage at the moment and will continue to be seen everywhere this spring. Aaand this bag is to die for. I'm in the process of figuring out who made it. And OH, the gorgeous Oxfords! Oxford shoes got their name from the male students who first donned them at the prestigious British university. I'm thinking I just might need to find myself a pair before I head overseas in June...

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