H A I R . E N V Y

I've been growing my short hair out since January, but the process is s l o w. It seems like all I see is girls with gorgeous long hair everywhere I go. Until my hair has grown enough to get extensions, I'm stuck pouting and dreaming endless nights about hair I don't have.

One look I love that I wish I could sport is ombre hair -- dark roots and light ends. I'm not a huge Ashlee Simpson fan, but I really love this look on her. Even if I did have flowing locks, I'm a natural light blonde, so what would I do, dye the ends brown? No way. Oh well, I can still love this trend. I'd rather have my natural blonde than be stylish anyway...


T H E . N E G L E C T I O N . E N D S

I created this blog in January 2010 and then cruelly neglected it for about a year and a half because I was swamped with schoolwork, but now I'm FREE and I'm back at it. Due to my current unemployment, I have plenty of time to go into an Internet coma on a daily basis. So here I am.


T O . B U Y . L I S T

Big ol' Bow Earwarmers in BlackBig ol' Bow Earwarmers in Black
These precioussss big bow earwarmers are available on etsy.com. They are knitted by a user named YesJess and are only $17 - what a steal! I'm obsessed with Lady Gaga's hair-bow wig, so this can be my own very, very toned down version. 
Knight's Cowl/Hood in Dark GreyKnight's Cowl/Hood in Dark Grey
YesJess also makes and sells this gray cowl/hood/scarf that is about the cutest thing in the entire world. It costs $64 and is made to order. If anyone wants to contribute to my purchasing fund, donations will be gladly accepted. 

x x L O N D O N x x

Taxi line, London, UK; (Click for next photo)Inside Paddington Station, London, UK; (Click for next photo)Buckingham Palace Entrance, London, UK; (Click for next photo)
Only 140 days - 20 weeks exactly - until I get to see these beautiful sights in PERSON. Londontown, here I come!

S W E E T . L I T T L E . G I R L

How cute is she? I was on lookbook.nu (where I spend way too much of my time these days) and came across an adorable picture. I clicked on it, then saw she had a blog, which of course I had to look at. Turns out this girl, Hedvig, is from Sweden. I don't seek out all things Swedish. They just come to me. I really like her ultra-feminine looks. Luckily, this Spring will bring us some very feminine styles. I'm really liking the idea of looking like a life-size doll, decked out in floral prints, sweet bows, sugar and spice :]



Zara Customized Boots by Me, Girardi Polka Tights, Chanel Vintage Bag, Shoulder Padded Dress
Luka Bubble and Bow Skirt.., Zara Heels, Top Shop Leggings, Top Shop Body
Shoulder Jacket from Topshop, Shoulder Lbd from Vero Moda, Stripey Tights from Topshop, Ankle Boots from Topshop
A trend seen everywhere this winter season is patterned tights that make any outfit pop. I've been wanting the sheer black polka dot tights in the first picture since fall and have yet to get them. The striped tights in the second and third pictures are showing up everywhere and I absolutely LOVE them. Talk about emphasizing long legs. They have some gothic/circus/cartoonish inspiration, yet they look so chic! This particular pair is from Topshop, but they aren't available anymore...TEAR. 

F O R E V E R . L O V E . F O R E V E R 2 1

Forever 21/Faith 21 Spring 2010 Lookbook
Here are two Spring 2010 looks from Forever 21 (my favorite store). I would wear about 90% of everything they sell - granted I had monies and the body of a model. I'm overly excited about the super feminine florals and preppy nautical styles that will be hitting stores in the coming weeks. I am obsessed with the floral dress on the right and how ... somehow ... this leopard print sweater looks amazing with it. Pattern mixing is stunning when it actually works out well like this. Oh, how I wish Athens had a Forever 21 where I could cash in all my paychecks.


T H E . O X F O R D . H U N T

I NEED THESE. In a different color. I also need ninetysomethingbucks.
Jeffrey Campbell Oxfords, Need Supply Co. $94

T H E . L O N D O N . L O O K

If anyone is not familiar with the Sartorialist, get familiar ASAP. Fashion photographer Scott Schuman, THE Sartorialist, documents epic street style in major cities across the globe. His first book - a compilation of some of his favorite shots - debuted in 2009. Check it out here:

This picture is one he shot in December 2009 in London. Coincidence that I love this look and I'm spending six weeks in London this summer ... I think not. I love the menswear inspiration seen here. Blazers are all the rage at the moment and will continue to be seen everywhere this spring. Aaand this bag is to die for. I'm in the process of figuring out who made it. And OH, the gorgeous Oxfords! Oxford shoes got their name from the male students who first donned them at the prestigious British university. I'm thinking I just might need to find myself a pair before I head overseas in June...

T H E . B A L M A I N . J A C K E T

I love/desperately need any one and/or ALL of these Spring 2009 Balmain jackets. The chain metal, heavily decorated, military-inspired outerwear of the past year is ah-mazing. Also, in response to MJ's death (or by coincidence), there's a trend in shoulder decoration on anything from t-shirts to blazers. Combine said bling with shoulder pads and we're channeling the 80s with full force. And I can't say I hate it.