H A I R . E N V Y

I've been growing my short hair out since January, but the process is s l o w. It seems like all I see is girls with gorgeous long hair everywhere I go. Until my hair has grown enough to get extensions, I'm stuck pouting and dreaming endless nights about hair I don't have.

One look I love that I wish I could sport is ombre hair -- dark roots and light ends. I'm not a huge Ashlee Simpson fan, but I really love this look on her. Even if I did have flowing locks, I'm a natural light blonde, so what would I do, dye the ends brown? No way. Oh well, I can still love this trend. I'd rather have my natural blonde than be stylish anyway...


T H E . N E G L E C T I O N . E N D S

I created this blog in January 2010 and then cruelly neglected it for about a year and a half because I was swamped with schoolwork, but now I'm FREE and I'm back at it. Due to my current unemployment, I have plenty of time to go into an Internet coma on a daily basis. So here I am.